An Epic adventure that will span the globe and beyond.

“We fight the good fight because we can.

Because the strong should defend and protect the weak.

Because those who know right from wrong should teach the ignorant.

Because no intelligent being should have his spirit shackled or her freedom stolen.

Because we can not stand idle and watch the downtrodden suffer beneath the heel of monsters – both human and inhuman.

Because we cannot bear to be mute witnesses to the struggles, sorrows, and deaths of the savage barbarian and lost strangers who so desperately cling to life against all odds. To do otherwise would make us the very monsters we despise. We will not stand by idle.

And though our efforts may be futile, though we may suffer and perish, we will know that we did fight the good fight. That we tried to make a difference. That we stood against injustice and evil, not because we had to, but because we wanted to.

And perhaps, with a little luck, we can help the precious souls of humankind, and all good people, to ascend from the depths of despair to find their place in the sun. We can do no less than try. If only we could do more.”

-attributed to a member of Psyscape, now inscribed on the wall at the headquarters of Hyperion, Inc.


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