IQ 19 ME 16 MA 8 PS 15 PP 20 PB 21 Spd 13 PPE 372 HP 76 SDC 37 H2H Expert



Growing up with the new legends of the Murim refugees in his mind, Munsu became fascinated with their tale of the Shin Angyo Onshi, a special police force that would travel the land setting wrongs right. One particular fictionalized account fired his imagination more than any other. In this one, the Onshi would present his medallion of office and summon a huge horde of phantom warriors to his side. Munsu became obsessed with being able to duplicate that feat. Eventually he became a very unusual shifter, specializing in a handful of spells. Warrior Horde being his most famous, but he also uses a handful of other summoning spells when he doesn’t have the massive PPE needed for the horde.

Now he travels the land just like his fictional namesake, with an Amazon who calls herself Sando and whatever apprentice he has at the time. He mostly operates in the Magic Zone, and Dweomer, Psyscape and Magestar all feel they owe him a debt from saving various groups of their people. Dunscon and CS soldiers all have orders to kill on sight, but most simply turn and run when he shows up.


Tanelorn Mooncrow